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HAS YOUR PROPERTY SALE FALLEN THROUGH? Unlike estate agents we are a private buyer and can buy your house directly for cash.

Selling a house is never simple when you’re part of a property chain. No matter what stage of the process you’re in, something unexpected can happen which causes the chain to collapse and the sale of your property to fall through.

Due to the amount of capital needed to purchase a property, most people buying a house using traditional estate agents need to borrow money in the form of a mortgage. However, due to rising interest rates and stricter criteria being used by banks and building societies, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to borrow money. This is the most common reason for chains to break, however, it can be as simple as someone changing their mind at the last minute on the property they’re buying.

Whatever the reason may be, it leaves the seller back at square one and if it has happened once before, it can happen again.

Unlike traditional property transactions where it is common for several people to be involved in the chain, we have cash available to transfer into your bank account immediately – no chains and no mortgages.