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IS YOUR HOUSE SALE HOLDING UP YOUR DIVORCE? We can help you move on with your life by making you a cash offer today.

When it comes to divorce or separation, things can be overwhelming to say the least. After years of living together, many of us will acquire possessions which must be divided up equally as part of the settlement process.

One of the hardest things to divide in half is your house – therefore the only way to split this asset is to sell up. The problem arises when it comes to finding a buyer for the property. Whilst you might get lucky and find a buyer quickly, the reality is that properties can sit on the market for months and even if you do get an offer, you may end up in a complex property chain, which can easily break down through no fault of your own.

Often we find that people are desperate to move on and following little interest from buyers, the former marital home is holding them back from completing the process.

Over the last 24 years, we’ve helped thousands of people who have come to us with the same question – “How do I sell my home quickly so that we can move on with our lives?”

Our expert team understand the pressures involved in the divorce process and will support you every step of the way. We’re careful not to add any more stress at such a traumatic time and will work around your timescales entirely.

One of the benefits of using a quick house buying company is that you can release equity fast and use the cash to settle any outstanding debts such as mortgages or loans. Once settled, you are then free to go your separate ways.