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EMIGRATING, BUT STRUGGLING TO SELL YOUR HOUSE? Unlike estate agents we do not help you find a buyer, we are the buyer - and a quick and reliable one at that.

The opportunity to move abroad doesn’t come around every day so when it does, it’s a very special moment indeed.

If you have the opportunity to relocate abroad, the chances are that you’re working towards a tight deadline. Not only do you need to make arrangements for your new life, such as where you’ll be living and working, you also need to sort out all manner of aspects relating to your old life, including of course, what to do with your home.

Here at Buy My House Experts, we can help you make the dream of moving abroad a reality. If you put your house up for sale with a regular estate agent, you have no guarantee of how long it will take to sell, or if it will sell at all. That’s not even considering all the extra fees involved, and the hassle of showing people around your property. When you are working against the clock and want to move on with your new life abroad, all of this uncertainty can cause unnecessary stress and delays.

We can buy your house for cash in as little as 5 days, allowing you to avoid all of the uncertainly that comes with selling via traditional estate agents but more importantly, allowing you to get on that plane sooner rather than later.