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HAVE YOU BEEN LEFT A HOUSE IN A WILL? We can help you convert the property into cash quickly so you can finalise the will faster.

When it comes to inheriting a property, it can often bring with it many associated problems. As well as the emotional side of losing a loved one, there are also various legal matters that need to be resolved before everyone can move forward with their lives.

The first stage in the process is a legal document called probate. This is where a deceased person’s assets (including property) are administrated by the executor of the will. If a deceased person doesn’t leave a will, then it is common for their closest relative to be appointed as the administrator.

Property is typically the largest and most problematic asset to deal with. With multiple beneficiaries, the assets will need to be split accordingly and selling a house is a fundamental part of the process. However, properties can spend a long time on the open market, especially in areas where demand is low. This can make it hard to conclude financial matters and resolve the inheritance for all parties concerned.

Since we started in 1993, we have assisted thousands of people in releasing equity from inherited properties. We are cash buyers, meaning that unlike estate agents with property chains, we guarantee to buy your house in as little as 5 days.